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Principal’s Message – August 18, 2020

By August 18, 2020Principal's Message

August 18, 2020

Welcome Back to School!

We have had a wonderful start to our school year today.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the support.  It was wonderful to see students in the classroom.  We are making adjustments as we go along. 

  1. There will be a bike rack on the West side of the school outside of the fence.  Please remember to bring a lock for your bike or scooter.

  2. Lunch has assigned seating and today it went really well.  Some of the students needed more time to eat.  For those who needed more time, they were asked to finish outside in a designated area.  We had to do this so the lunch room could be sanitized in between grade levels. 

  3. Masks:  Last Friday, the governor mandated that all students must wear masks.  If your child has a face shield, you will need to switch to a mask by the end of the week.  Please make sure the mask has your child’s name on it.  Even though we have lanyards to keep the mask with the student at all times, we have already had a few turned in with no owner or identification.  

  4. 1st Grade line up will be adjusted so they are not the only students on the west side of the school.  The new placement will begin Wednesday. 

Here is a message from our PTA:

Hello wonderful OES families! We are excited to be going back to school. This year is going to look quite different than years past, but we are committed to making it a great year for our students. Because we aren’t having in-person back to school night, we have set up a store on member hub where you can purchase everything you normally would purchase at back to school night. Here is what you can purchase in our online store and the link to get there:

 1) PTA membership – We encourage everyone who is able to join PTA. PTA was founded as an advocacy group for students. PTA members have a voice when it comes to our budget each year. We would love your support and input. 

2) Yearbooks – If you purchase before October 1 they are $10 each. After October 1 the price increases to $12 each.

3) Orem Elementary masks – Show your school spirit by sporting an OES mask.

4) Breakaway lanyards – Don’t want your students to lose their masks between home and school? Attach them to these lanyards, available in our school colors. 

5) Donations – We cannot hold carnival this year which has historically been our only fundraiser. We would love to still run as many programs as we can this year and show our teachers our appreciation, but we don’t have the budget to do everything we normally do. We welcome any donations you’d like to make for these causes.

 Do you shop on Amazon? Click on this link and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to our PTA every time you shop on Amazon Smile. This is an easy way you can help us raise funds for this year. Thank you for your support!

 The following is community information:

Stronger Families Project: Fall 2020 Stronger Families (1).pdf

Fall Parenting with Love and Logic:2020 Fall Parenting with Love and Logic (1).pdf

Once again, thank you for your patience and support.  Please let me know if you have questions or need additional information.