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Dear Parents,

Congratulations to our students and staff on another successful school year! We want you to know how much we have enjoyed working with your students and the progress they have made in the last eight months. In our school, we focus on the well-being of the whole child. This includes what they learn academically, as well as their social and emotional safety. Through our partnership with the United Way and the “EveryDay Strong” Campaign, we know that students need to feel SAFE (physically and emotionally), CONNECTED and CONFIDENT. We all need to work together in achieving this goal.

Considering we will not be in school for over two months, we want to give you some helpful tips and useful suggestions for the summer.

 The following link will share  “Healthy Habits for Summer”.

In the absence of school staff and service providers, here is a link listing some Community Resources that are available to you if needed.

 There may be times when, as a parent or guardian, you are unsure if your child is showing signs that should concern you. The following link can help:   “Know the Five Signs that Might Indicate Someone is in Emotional Pain”

 This information is also available on our school website. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe summer. We are looking forward to seeing both students and parents again in August.

Andrea Park

and the Alpine School District Team