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Good Afternoon OES Families,

We are well underway with our Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our PTA is so supportive of our teachers and we really appreciate it.  Please see the attached flyer:

Teacher Appreciation 2019 – Students.odt

This year has been a crazy year with cell phones.  We have had several stolen out of backpacks, misplaced and used inappropriately.

Today, we announced that students could check in their phones to the office or their teacher during the school day.  However, if a student is using their phone during school hours it will be taken and kept in the office until a parent or guardian picks it up.  This is for the protection of our student’s privacy and exposure to possible inappropriate content.

If a child needs to make a phone call at school, we have phones available for their use during school hours.  Thank you for your support in this matter.

Also, don’t forget to contact me if your are interested in serving on our School Community Council.  For more information, please see the state web site:​​​​​​​

The following is community information that you may be interested in:

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