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August 2020

Principal Message – July 30, 2020

By Principal's Message

July 30, 2020

We want to thank everyone who has logged on to Skyward to make their educational declaration for their students.  We have found that some families have had issues getting Skyward to work.  We are sending this form out as an alternative way to let us know what decision you would like to make regarding your students’ education at Orem Elementary.  Please fill out this form for each of your students who attend Orem Elementary.

I would like to inform you of the precautions that we will be taking to keep our students and teachers as safe as possible. Recess times and lunch times will be staggered to ensure that only one grade level is outside for recess and/or in the lunchroom at a time.  Students will be spaced in the lunchroom as they sit at the lunch tables.  We have added time to our lunches, so the sanitation of the lunchroom can take place before the next grade level enters.  We will have arrows directing walking paths to and from the cafeteria, media center and outside class pickup areas.  

Our teachers will be provided a face shield and a mask.  At this time, students can choose to wear either a face shield or a mask.  Face shields and masks will not be required at recess, during PE, or while they are eating lunch.  At this time they are required when entering the school, in class and transitioning to another area.  We have hand sanitizer dispensers in every classroom as well as two in the media center.  Students will be reminded to use the sanitizer (or wash their hands), before entering the media center, going to lunch, after using the restroom and going out and coming in from recess.  

If you choose Option 2 – the online option.  Students will follow the district outlined curriculum for Language Arts, Math and Science.  The student will be assigned an Orem Elementary teacher on their grade level that will check in with the students during the week via an online platform.  We are not offering the option of a student coming a few days to school during the week, and then using the online system the other days.  The online option will only be online, with remote teacher check ins.  

Our Back to School night will be modified, more information will be coming.  

Our plan is fluid and can change.  Chromebooks will be limited for checkout, as they will be in use in our face to face plan in school.  I have attached a link to the COVID-19 School Manual:  COVID-19 School Manual that was referenced in today’s press conference. 

The COVID-19 School Manual is posted on and where you can also find many other helpful resources.

Please let me know if you have any questions.