End of Year Testing

The end-of-year testing is underway at OES. Please help your child(ren) to get a good night’s rest, to exercise, and to eat a healthy breakfast each day, all of which will help them do better on their tests. If your child will be absent (between now and the end of the year), please let their teacher know.

Educational Websites

Attention OES! Our School Website Educational Games/Links page has recently been updated and now features even more great learning games and interactive websites that can help your children improve academically in many subject areas. Click below to get started on some great learning activities!

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School Success

Schools and parents share a partnership in helping children to succeed academically. Click the link below to read about some things that parents can do to help their child experience success in school.

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Special Education Parent Nights

Click the link below to find information and dates for the upcoming Special Education Parent Conference

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School Safety

OES has a number of safety procedures in place to safeguard your children, but parents also have an important role in helping to keep their children safe at school. Here is a website with some common sense ideas about safety at school!

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