Battle of the Books

OES Cubs, it is time once again for the Battle of the Books at Orem Elementary. Hopefully you are reading books from the BOTB lists and getting ready to test your knowledge. Who will be the winners at Orem Elementary this year? It will be lots of fun to find out!

Night at the Museum

The Lehi City museum is putting on an event called “Night at the Museum”, based on the movie, “Night at the Museum.” This fun family event will be held on March 10th and 11th, from 5 pm to 8 pm. Please plan to bring your family and enjoy a very special "Night at the Museum!"

National School Breakfast Week

Help us celebrate National Breakfast Week at OES! It will take place from Mar. 7th to Mar. 10th. Our school cafeteria will be celebrating with exciting events each day of the week, including a "bring your parent to breakfast day." Click below to learn more.

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Digital Citizenship

Hey Cubs! Don't forget to always stay safe online and to be a great digital citizen! We hope you will each commit to be responsible and always make very wise choices whenever you go online!

Educational Websites

Attention Cubs! Practice school skills at home by visiting our Educational Games/Links pages. You will find great learning activities that will help build brain power all year long. Click to get started!

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