School Passwords

Students in ASD and at Orem Elementary are now using passwords to log onto all school computers. Please assist your 3-6th grade students in coming up with a good password that is at least 8 characters long, that they can remember, memorize, and bring to school with them this coming week.

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Educational Websites

Attention OES Cubs! Practice your school skills at home every day by visiting our Educational Games/Links pages. There are some great after school activities that will help build brain power all year long. Click below to get started on these great learning activities!

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Keys to School Success

Parents play a key role in helping their children succeed at school. There are 5 things that families can do to make a real difference to a student's academic success. Click below for these important keys!

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Staying Safe at School

Keeping safe at school is a responsibility that we all share. Click on the link below to find out what parents can do to make sure that school is a safe experience for their children.

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