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Principal Message – May 18, 2020

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May 18, 2020

Good Afternoon OES Cubs,

This is a reminder that this is the week that we will be passing out the contents of student’s desks. We will be doing this on the following days from 9:00am-11:00am.

May 20 – Families with last names from A – H

May 21 – Families with last names from I – P

May 22 – Families with last names from Q-Z

We will have tables and teachers in the back of the school’s east parking lot. Parents will enter through the far north entrance (closest to the dumpsters). Teachers will be organized by grade level starting with Kindergarten.

Teachers will be wearing masks and gloves as they pass you the contents of your child(children’s) desk.

We will also be collecting Chromebooks these days as well. Mrs. Carter will be at the end of the line.

We are still collecting Home Reading and Library books. The bin will be in the back of the school during our pick up times on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then placed back in the front of the school for continued collection.

School lunch will not be served on Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day). There is no school on this day as well. The final day that Orem Elementary will be serving lunch is Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

The talent show will be found on our specialties Google classroom.

May 29th is our last day of school. We have scheduled a reverse parade that will take place on this day from 9:30am -11:30am. We invite you to drive by our school and say a final goodbye to your teachers before our summer vacation officially begins. More information will be coming next week with a map.

I hope to see you this week when you’re picking things up.

Have a great week.

Principals Message- May 11, 2020

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May 11, 2020

Good Afternoon OES Cubs,

Orem Elementary will be continuing with our online school until the end of school. School assignment deadlines will be May 19th. We will still be communicating and reaching out to our families until the last day of school. We really miss you all, and want to keep things as normal as possible.

Here is what is happening this week at OES:

Tomorrow afternoon(After 1:00pm), Tuesday, May 12, 2020 through Friday, May 15, 2020 teachers will have placed yard signs on the lawn in front of the school with their names on them. You and your family are invited to walk through the signs and if you would like, you can write a message on the back of the sign or place a letter in the ziplock bag that will be attached to the signs. The signs will be placed 6 feet apart for social distancing purposes.

Don’t forget to submit your talent entries for the talent show by tomorrow:

OES Talent Show

May 18th- 19th – The virtual talent show will be posted in google classrooms.

May 20th – 22nd from 9:00am – 11:00am will be the day that we schedule for students to pick up the contents of our student’s desks. Please see the following schedule:

May 20 – Families with last names from A – H

May 21 – Families with last names from I – P

May 22 – Families with last names from Q-Z

This will be a drive through held at the back of the school. Teachers will have student supplies by grade level, so you can pick up all of your children’s contents at once. Teachers and aides will bring the supplies to your car. We are hoping we can expedite this as quickly as possible.

May 29th is our last day of school. We have scheduled a reverse parade that will take place on this day from 9:30am -11:30am. We invite you to drive by our school and say a final goodbye to your teachers before our summer vacation officially begins. More information will be coming in the following weeks. We just wanted you to know now. We are hoping to see as many OES cubs as possible!

We appreciate your support and hard work during this adjusted teaching.

Principal’s Message – May 4, 2020

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May 4, 2020

Happy Star Wars Day OES Cubs!

This is a busy month here at Orem Elementary.  This week is Lemon Drop Week!  Each day at 1:30pm watch our Facebook page for some stories.  Watch your mail deliveries this week, you should be receiving a letter with a lemon surprise.  This Wednesday, we will be opening up the hot dog that we started to mummify last week. 

We are still collecting library and home reading books.  There is a bin located in front of the school.  The bin is accessible Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm.  We appreciate your help with collecting the books. 

This week your child’s teachers will be sending information about activities for field day.  On May 8th, we will be celebrating national field day.  Please see the attached information.  

Open National Field Day Instructions

 Official Event Card

 Official Event Card -Spanish

 We are working on an OES virtual talent show. Please keep all entries to 1 minute.  We anticipate many entries, so we have the right to shorten entries as needed.  Please ensure that any costumes are modest and music choices are appropriate.  We encourage you to continue social distancing during this time.  We will be accepting one submission per household, so please put your videos together if you have multiple talents. All entries are due Tuesday, May 12th.  Please upload them to the form below or send them to [email protected]

OES Talent Show

We are planning to post our talent show the week of May 18th.  

We are looking forward to the last two weeks of May.  More information will be coming about desk content/yearbook pick up, and other end of year celebrations.

Looking forward to summer, here is some information: 

Summer Bright Ideas: STEAM in a Sack

Bright Ideas is a program sponsored through Gifted Services for any interested and motivated elementary student. This summer, due to Covid-19, we are unable to hold our traditional two-week program. Instead, we are offering activity kits designed by our Bright Ideas teachers. Please see the attached flier for more information about the program and registration.

Bright Ideas STEAM in a SACK.pdf


May the 4th be with you!

Principal’s Message – April 27, 2020

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April 27, 2020

Good Morning OES Families,

This email contains a lot of information and the Spanish Translation is attached to this email.Este correo electrónico contiene mucha información y la traducción al español se adjunta a este correo electrónico.

27 de abril de 2020.docx

May is a busy month of traditions, closures, and celebrations.  We understand how important it is to continue our OES traditions, however this year these will be done in a modified way.

I want to start out by thanking our amazing teachers for their help in our OES storytime/activity.  This is happening everyday school day at 1:30pm.  

This week you will be able to see Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Burt, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Huntsman and Miss Rondi.  In addition, Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Park will be doing a science project on Wednesday, April 29th.  There will also be a special message to our students from the teachers.  Make sure you watch our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Like our Facebook page!

Follow us on Instagram oes_cubs

This week we are focusing on Art and Music.  Look around and see the natural art and music that happens around you.  You may also want to send a picture or a music recording to a loved one.   Mrs. Giles will be doing an art activity on Wednesday.

Congratulations to our “Tricky Tuesday Teaser” correct guesses.  They were delivered a prize Friday afternoon.  Make sure to look for this week’s brain teaser tomorrow. 

I know many of you are asking about how to get the contents from your student’s desk.  Our teachers are in the process of cleaning out student’s desks and bagging them up.  

We have scheduled May 20th, 21st and 22nd for our pickup times.  More information will be coming later in the month of May.


Orem Elementary and our amazing PTA have teamed up and have decided to give each student a yearbook at no cost.  We are waiting for the yearbooks to arrive and they will be distributed with the contents of the desks.  If you have already purchased and paid for a yearbook, the PTA will be sending out information for families in this situation.  

School Work

We want to give our students the best opportunity for learning.  Although NEW instruction will be ending May 12, 2020, teaching and learning will still be taking place until May 22, 2020.  We will have digital school celebrations the following week of May 26 -29, 2020.

Term 3 Grading: Due to the unique circumstances of our school dismissal and the dynamics of our virtual learning there will be some changes to our term 3 grading to best reflect our current situation. You will see the following grades on your student’s term 3 report card.

  • 1,2,3,4: The standard-based rating that you are used to will be used for the essential standards that were taught and assessed prior to our school dismissal.

  • Standards that were taught and assessed after our school dismissal will be graded as:                                                                                                               

  • * P: (Pass)- this will be used when a student has shown proficiency on a     standard                                                                                                               

  • *N: (Needs Improvement)- this will be used when a student has shown limited proficiency or no effort on a given standard.                                    *NA: (Not Assessed)- this will be used on standards that were not taught during term 3 due to our school dismissal. With our change in instruction and assessment at this time, some grades may be NA.

Kindergarten Registration is available on our website:  If you have any questions, your can reach our secretary at:  [email protected]

School lunches will continue as follows:

Grab & Go Days: Mondays & Thursdays

Mondays: You will receive the following meals: Monday lunch; Tuesday breakfast & lunch; Wednesday breakfast & lunch; and breakfast for Thursday.

Thursday: You will receive the following meals: Thursday lunch; Friday breakfast & lunch; and breakfast for Monday.

*Please only pick up meals for your student at one site.

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm


Field Day

 We will have a modified Field Day on May 8th, 2020.  More information will be coming soon.  This is a national Field Day that we will be participating in virtually.


6th Grade Graduation:

We are planning our 6th grade graduation.  If you have a 6th grade student, please look for more information coming from your child’s 6th grade teacher.

 Keep up the great work!  Everyone is working so hard to make sure this is a great and successful learning year.  If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to reach out to me:

 Email: [email protected] 

School: 801-610-8116

Cell:  801-860-5152

 Have a fantastic week!

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