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This is a quiet week, but we would like to remind everyone about a few things.  First off, if your family will not be attending Orem Elementary next year, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Report cards will not be printed out at school.  If you need a hard copy for any reason (such as Krispy Kreme rewards or any other rewards), they will need to be printed from home.  Alpine School District is doing what they can to go green.

The days are getting warmer, but we still have a dress code to follow at school.  Please save the cute summer clothes that are tank tops and short shorts for home.

Some great additions have come to our playground.  You may have noticed the Gaga Pit. This popular game is thanks to Mrs. Jensen who wrote a grant to purchase part of the pit and Lowes who donated the lumber to make this possible for our students.  The project was constructed by Christian Romero.  The grant (Fuel up to Play 60) also gave us money for our new OES garden addition.

We will planting our OES garden soon and we are looking for students who would like to help out during the summer months attending to our garden.  Please let Mrs. Jensen or Mrs. Park know if you are interested.

Right now we are looking for any interested young artist to submit a drawing that we could put on a banner on the wall above our garden spot.  If your child is interested, please have them submit a designed drawing on an 8X10 sheet of paper and turn it into the office before the end of the school year.

Remember that next week, May 22, 2019 is our field day.  It is a PM common day. All students in grades 1st – 6th will come at 9:15am and leave at 3:30pm. Kindergarten classes will be a normal schedule. It is also the last day of school for Kindergarten.

The following links are community information:

The Utah Child Protection Registry prevents minors, parents and other caregivers from receiving any solicitations from gambling, cigarette, alcohol, marijuana and pornography companies via email and text messaging. You can visit the Registry at


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