Principal’s Message – September 13th

Tomorrow is a full day for us at Orem Elementary.

This is a reminder that Friday is an AM common day.  All students in grades 1st – 6th will come to school at 8:00am and go home after the evacuation drill.  The AM kindergarten students will come at 8:00am – 10:45am and the PM kindergarten students will come at 11:30am – 2:15pm.  AM kindergarten will not be participating in the evacuation drill because they will be picked up prior to the drill.

To begin the day,  Friday is our “Walk to School Day”, sponsored by the PTA.  This year we have a few teachers who will be meeting at particular intersections and will be walking to school with the students.  We will all have our safety vests on and will meet at the indicated intersection at 7:35am and will begin walking to school at 7:40am.

There is a map attached that shows the starting points that the teachers will be meeting students and the routes that they will be walking to school.  We highly encourage everyone to walk to school, if possible. Students are welcome to meet at the starting intersections or along the routes on the way to school.  


We will also have our annual “Evacuation, Reunification Drill” on Friday as well.  We conduct this drill in an effort to be better prepared in case of an emergency where students would need to be reunited with their parents during school hours.  Possible scenarios for this type of evacuation include anything that would make us unable to return to the school building including fire, natural disasters, or other unsafe conditions.  

For those of you who are new to Orem this year, and/or have never participated in a drill like this, the following is helpful information:

  1. Teachers and school personnel will evacuate all students to the grass area north of the school in their designated places as grade levels.  They will take role and make sure all students are accounted for.

  2. If this were a real scenario, a phone message and/or email will be sent to parents letting them know about the situation and indicating that they will need to pick up their children.  Friday is a drill, so this email will serve as the notification that parents or emergency contacts will need to pick up their children at 2:00 pm tomorrow afternoon.

  3. As parents come to the school, they should wait outside the east side of the gates of the school until all students are accounted for.

  4. Parents will then be directed by school personnel in small groups to the location of their child’s grade level.

  5. Teachers will check students out to parent or other adults as designated by the parent on the emergency check-out form.  Only those adults designated on this form (that is on your child’s Skyward account) will be able to check out a student. All adults checking out students MUST bring a picture ID.

  6. When an adult does check-out a student, he/she will sign the check-out sheet provided by the teacher.  The student will then have their hand stamped.

  7. Parents and students will exit through the gates on the upper northeast side of the field.

  8. Teachers and school personnel will stay at the evacuation site until all students are retrieved.  Teachers and school personnel will then meet in the media center to debrief.

It is extremely important that Skyward accounts with emergency contacts are updated. All adults picking up students MUST be a guardian or listed as an emergency contact and MUST bring a picture ID.  We conduct these drills so that in case of an emergency, we will be as prepared as possible.


Thank you for your support and help tomorrow.  

"Home of the Cubs"