PTA Message April 12th

Dear Parents,

Orem Elementary is a fabulous school.  We have incredible teachers and staff and a safe, friendly environment.  In addition to these aspects, Orem Elementary has the best PTA around!  One of the reasons our school is so great is because of the efforts of our parent volunteers in our PTA (Parent/Teacher Association).

Here are the events that the PTA organizes, funds & makes happen each year at Orem Elementary:

1.     All class parties (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day & Spring)

2.     6th Grade Graduation

3.     Book Buddies (twice a year)


5.     Grandparents Lunch                                                                                                         WE

6.     Home Reading Program                                                                                                    REALLY

7.     Lunch for Teachers During Parent/Teacher Conferences (twice a year)                                         DO

8.     Monthly Teacher Treats                                                                                                     ALL

9.     Movie/Pizza Night                                                                                                           OF

10.   N.O.V.A. Graduation                                                                                                       THESE

11.   PTA School Gifts (marquee, buddy benches, classroom safety kits, etc.)                                    THINGS!!

12.   Red Ribbon Week

13.   Reflections

14.   Room Parents

15.   Spelling Bee

16.   Storytelling Festival

17.   Teacher Appreciation Week

18.   Teacher Birthdays

19.   Walk to School Day

20.   Yearbook

These are the events that we assist the school with throughout the year:

1.     Battle of the Books

2.     Cub Time Volunteers

3.     Field Day

4.     Hearing Screening

5.     School Fundraiser

6.     Vision Screening

Pretty much EVERYTHING that happens outside of the classroom at Orem Elementary happens because of the PTA.  With that said, WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!  Please join us and help continue the tradition of excellence in our PTA.  Without your support, we cannot continue in the manner that the families at Orem Elementary are used to.

Next year we are in need of a PTA President, President Elect (meaning they will be the President the following year), Secretary & Treasurer, basically the entire PTA Board.  Most of the parents who attend our meetings and head up activities have already been PTA President (some multiple times).  We need new people!  Please!!

What is required of the PTA President you ask? (top 5)

1.     Plan/conduct monthly meetings

2.     Keep in contact with activity chairs to make sure they are on track

3.     Attend Council PTA meetings (every other month)

4.     Meet with Mrs. Park regularly to coordinate schedules

5.     Submit 3 reports throughout the school year.

What is required of the PTA Secretary? (top 5)

1.     Attend monthly meetings and takes minutes

2.     Send email reminders about monthly meetings

3.     Submit minutes at the end of the year

4.     Keep track of volunteer hours

5.     Distribute monthly fliers with activities

What is required of the PTA Treasurer? (top 5)

1.     It’s a 2 year commitment (1st year to learn the ropes, 2nd year to rock it!)

2.     Update budget as needed

3.     Balance check book & print financial reports for monthly meetings

4.     Be present when money  is being handled

5.     Carnival is the busiest time of the year for the Treasurer

It will be a sad day when the activities, that so many people love, stop happening at Orem Elementary.  Please don’t let that happen.  When 6th graders graduate and leave Orem Elementary, so do their parents (PTA volunteers).  If we don’t get new people, our PTA won’t exist.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Our PTA is a well-oiled machine.  We have parents lined up for most activities.  If being on the board is not an option for you, we still need you!  We need parent volunteers to be chairs over each activity as well.

We invite you to attend our next meeting (the last meeting of the school year) on May 1st at 9:30 a.m.



Desperately yours,

The PTA board

"Home of the Cubs"